How about a little pleasure in your life?

Would you like to introduce a little bit of pleasure into your life this evening? When the shadows start getting longer, I often feel that I like to introduce a little bit of extra special pleasure in my life. I light a few candles and put on something a bit more comfortable. Unlike many of the other girls at London escorts, I don’t like to wear stilettos as I do a lot of work with my feet. If you are like me, you can perhaps appreciate my little fetish.

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I am not sure that you normally get up to at the weekends, but I am sure that you and I can find some way to share our lives this weekend. There is nothing like taking your head out of gear slightly at the weekend. Sometimes, when I have some time off from London escorts, I just close the door and make sure that I have some fun in my own. It could mean many things from watching a good porno to just walking around in the nude of my own.

If you like, you can give me a call and tell me what you do when you are on your own. It would be so sad if you just sat there with nothing to do and no toys to play with. Just so you know, I like to play with toys and I have got plenty of toys that you may want to play with. Some of them make a little bit of noise, but if I take the batteries out when I am on my way to you, no one ever needs to know about them. I am sure that you have heard that most London escorts like to play with toys and I am not any different.

If you are not into dating London escorts yet, I would like you to know that it is a very special experience. Having fun with us is nothing like 50 Shades of Grey. That to me is for amateurs and I am not sure that the book ever really turned me on. I like to follow a much more sensual lifestyle than that, and I have the feeling that you may even appreciate the kind of life that I lead. If you like, you can say that my life is always full of pleasure.

If I get a chance to introduce a little bit of that pleasure into your life, I will make sure that I will do so slowly. Sometimes I can just be too full on and some gents say that it becomes too much to fast. I think that I know what they are going on about…. But, things don’t have to be like that. However, I will admit that I find it hard to control my excitement at time. It is not easy for a girl like me to take things easy but if you help to cool me down a little bit, I am sure that you will enjoy my company. To enjoy my company, just give London escorts a call and I will soon be at your front door with all of my toys and secret pleasures…

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